Rock & Roll and Bling...Jewelry for you and the Band !

9th Oct 2015

I think we all love music in some can you not? Is that proper English lol 

Whether you grew up listening to your favorite band, you are in a band right now, or know someone who is( here's where I add the shameless plug for my Son @grantwilliamsbass :), then a piece of jewelry is perfect when you can't afford that $1000 bass guitar they asked for that just made you spit out your coffee! 

For example, drum roll please( do you see what I just did there, lol ) this wrap ring is so popular, stunningly detailed and Sterling Silver...that means with proper care you can pass it down to your little Mozart or Slash-like mini me.

Rock & Roll

Groupies, do they even call them that anymore?, you just have to match the band or wear something to honor your favorite player.

Check out our Music themed Jewelry....we think you'll like what you see, or hear, after they open that gift box ;)