I'll Have the Champagne Ring, Cuff Bracelet, Bangle Set Please

Posted by Auralee on 19th Mar 2016

I love champagne because its all about Happiness and Celebrations! 

The fun pop of the cork. Hearing it fizz as it slides into the glass. The tickle on your nose when you take that first sip.

The wonderful gathering of friends and family as you celebrate a very memorable occasion. 

So I Created the Champagne Jewelry Collection with Celebrations, Happiness and pure Joy in mind. 

You'll find Wide Band Rings in 14K, Cuff Bracelets, Bangles Sets and Earrings all with my Champagne Bubbles design.

I use 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Copper and Brass with Price points for every budget, every celebration, every moment of pure tickle your nose Joy!   

So Click here to have your Champagne!