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Easter Jewelry - Crosses

Posted by Auralee Collins on

I loved Easter as a child and I couldn't wait to buy my Easter Outfit, New Dress, Shoes, Hair bow. My Grandmother would take us to Gladsteins on Main St. in Old Forge. They had the best everything!

And to top off my beautiful dress I always wore a special Gold Cross my grandfather brought back from Italy.....

Crosses are symbolic with religious Holidays but they really take on a huge meaning during Easter more than any other Holiday....at least for me.


Cross Symbols are everywhere in Jewelry, Scarves, Sweaters. Even Butter shaped like crosses, chocolate crosses...and so much more.

Today Jewelry with Crosses are not just a Cross on the end of a chain.

There are beautiful Lockets with Crosses and crosses made of Gemstones.

In true Easter Fashion I will be wearing a Cross for Easter....just wish I could go to back Gladsteins, in old Forge for a cool pair of White Easter Shoes!