Cardigan Junkie

Posted by Auralee Collins on 4th Sep 2016

I Love Cardigans. I consider myself a Cardigan Junkie. I wear them almost Daily. Long, short, lightweight or heavy knit. I love how I can take a pair of jeans and a tank top or T shirt, pair it with a … read more

I'll Have the Champagne Ring, Cuff Bracelet, Bangle Set Please

Posted by Auralee on 19th Mar 2016

I love champagne because its all about Happiness and Celebrations! The fun pop of the cork. Hearing it fizz as it slides into the glass. The tickle on your nose when you take that first sip.The w … read more

Valentine Gifts for Her

15th Jan 2016

With Valentines Day on the Way here are a few perfect Gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, aunt, godmother and more.Did your wife or girlfriend just have a baby? then we have some memorable necklaces … read more

Rock & Roll and Bling...Jewelry for you and the Band !

9th Oct 2015

I think we all love music in some can you not? Is that proper English lol Whether you grew up listening to your favorite band, you are in a band right now, or know someone who is( here … read more

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Posted by Auralee Collins on 8th Apr 2015

Here are some Great Gift Ideas for Moms for Mother's Day.Living Lockets are very popular and come in may themes perfect for Moms.Mother Child Necklaces are so appropriate for Any Mom and make a very m … read more