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Cardigan Junkie

Posted by Auralee Collins on

I Love Cardigans. I consider myself a Cardigan Junkie. I wear them almost Daily. Long, short, lightweight or heavy knit. I love how I can take a pair of jeans and a tank top or T shirt, pair it with a Cardigan in any color, any pattern and I'm ready for the day, the event, the school play, the soccer game, halloweening, coffee with my daughter, out for Pizza, or curling up on the couch with a good book. Its totally simple dressing, no fuss and I Love it. Look at Cardigans as Accessories you add to your basics, and you will never go wrong!   

I'll Have the Champagne Ring, Cuff Bracelet, Bangle Set Please

I love champagne because its all about Happiness and Celebrations! The fun pop of the cork. Hearing it fizz as it slides into the glass. The tickle on your nose when you take that first sip.The wonderful gathering of friends and family as you celebrate a very memorable occasion. So I Created the Champagne Jewelry Collection with Celebrations, [...]

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Valentine Gifts for Her

With Valentines Day on the Way here are a few perfect Gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, aunt, godmother and more.Did your wife or girlfriend just have a baby? then we have some memorable necklaces that they will cherish for a life time. This is a gorgeous Mother Father Family Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver She [...]

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Rock & Roll and Bling...Jewelry for you and the Band !

I think we all love music in some form...how can you not? Is that proper English lol Whether you grew up listening to your favorite band, you are in a band right now, or know someone who is( here's where I add the shameless plug for my Son @grantwilliamsbass :), then a piece of jewelry is [...]

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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Here are some Great Gift Ideas for Moms for Mother's Day.Living Lockets are very popular and come in may themes perfect for Moms.Mother Child Necklaces are so appropriate for Any Mom and make a very memorable gift.Are you Empty Nesters? kids are all grown and moved out, then how about a Gift Idea to make [...]

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Easter Jewelry - Crosses

I loved Easter as a child and I couldn't wait to buy my Easter Outfit, New Dress, Shoes, Hair bow. My Grandmother would take us to Gladsteins on Main St. in Old Forge. They had the best everything! And to top off my beautiful dress I always wore a special Gold Cross my grandfather brought [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Moms

Looking for a Gift for Mom? A New Mom? Something Meaningful? Something she can even pass down to a family member? Moms are special so give them a gift that shows them how much they mean to you.We've got some stunning pieces she will fall in love with.....These pieces are so special and you will make [...]

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About Us

Shop Here for beautifully crafted Floating Lockets, Statement Necklaces, Mother Child Jewelry, Sterling Silver , Tortoise Jewelry, Peek a boo Earrings, Organic Jewelry and Handmade Jewelry that has traveled thousands of miles to be part of our artistic collection that we showcase here at Auralee & Company. Imported from exotic lands such as Thailand, India, [...]

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