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meeeee3.jpg   Do you love Jewelry that becomes part of your personality whether You're a Bohemian Girl, Love Classic Style, you've just got to be a Trendsetter, a Cowgirl, or you wear your own Unique Style? Then You've come to the right place because.....

Every Piece in our Jewelry & Accessories Line is chosen with You in mind, carrying only the Finest quality of Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Pieces to make you look your absolute best.

Most of our Fashion Pieces are Made right here in the USA because we know its important to you that we carry American made products.

Auralee Anna Handbags are all handmade here in our studio for you with Top Quality Leathers and fabrics. 

Auralee's Handmade Jewelry items are Unique Pieces you just wont find at your local department store. Corset rings, Cuff rings, Cigar band Rings all Handmade in house for You by Auralee. Auralee has been creating for over 20 years and has a passion for jewelry and Jewelry design.

You can also find beautifully crafted Floating Lockets, Statement Necklaces, Mother Child Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Tortoise Jewelry, Peek a boo Earrings, Organic Jewelry and Handmade Jewelry that has traveled thousands of miles to be part of our artistic collection that we showcase here at Auralee & Company. Imported from exotic lands such as Thailand, India, Poland and Italy, these pieces bring a worldly culture and sophistication to the realm of Auralee & Company  jewelry.

Auralee personally handcrafts, designs, or is personally involved in Hand Selecting each Gorgeous Unique piece of Jewelry or Fashion we bring to you. We firmly believe You deserve Jewelry & Accessories with impeccable Quality and Crafsmanship that you can see and feel right out of the Box.


Jewelry & Accessories for Today's Confident Woman......Feel it.......Wear it......Live it!

We love hearing from our Customers. Use the form below to contact us, give us Sugggestions, or request a special piece of jewelry.